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2017 Brevets - the obligatory foreword ramble

After a decent break from any real structured cycling (or events - I haven't raced since Karapoti in 2014 I think!) I managed to sneak in a few solid rides over "Summer", with the intention of being reasonably fit for a couple of new-to-me rides; the 2017 Great Southern Brevet, and the Kiwi Brevette.

While I used to average 12 - 20 hours a week on the bike, I'm much closer to 2 hours a week these days - a function of a busier work life, busier home life, absolutely shocking weather, and a general lack of motivation. This, of course, can make preparation for distance events rather difficult!

Riding is much more of a hobby for me now than it has been for the past 10 years - so I'm older, heavier (fatter), weaker, and generally much more of a pussy than I used to be... but I digress.

Laying some foundations I'm a little blase when it comes to physical prep for long rides - for most long day-rides, I will normally just ride to my abilities, and see where that leav…